Sunday, June 14, 2015

A No Work Week, But Miracles Too

          This week was depressing because we basically had a no work week.  But we still had a couple miracles. This week was filled with meetings and service.  On Tuesday we had an activity with other missionaries and afterwards Elder Mauclair felt sick and so we did not go out that evening.  However, later an appointment that we had missed earlier called (they were investigators that we have not gotten to have a sit down lesson with yet) and they asked if we were coming.  I explained that my companion was sick.  They said that they really wanted to meet with us and asked to reschedule with us.  This shows they really are serious about meeting with us.  This is super cool and means they will not be flakey, which is super awesome.  
          The second miracle was on Saturday when we contacted a referral from a member for a 15 year old girl named Natasha.  She answered the door and was super interested and said that she wants to meet with us. She has been going to church with her friend in a neighboring ward.  We taught her on the door step.  She started crying and told us that her life has been changed because she was going to church.  (Making women cry seems to be a regular occurrence with us) 
          Also, the Bailey family helped me buy a new suit.  I gave them money and they went to Burlington (outside the mission boundaries).  I had asked for a light grey suit thinking they couldn't possibly find anything too light and that they would come back with a nice looking grey suit.  But the suit they came back with was almost white.  Be careful what you ask for because it was crazy white.  So today they are taking it back and trading it for a different one.  My grey suit is almost worn out and gonna rip everywhere soon.   It probably would have already if Aunt Barbara hadn't reinforced all the seams in the pants.  The jacket is all sun bleached and stuff and ripping inside. It's bad.  I cant wear the black one because the jacket is way too big and I look like a dork.  I wear it only in emergencies, so there is still a use for it.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Awesome to See People Change

From Elder Bailey on June 1st, 2015

     Well, last week was cool.  I found my wallet!  Also, Bishop Taylor took us to Dillards last P-day and bought us expensive shoes. They are super cool.

     Then, we have been doing work this week to set up teaching for weeks to come. So there is one potential investigator we have that we talked to and made initial contact with.  She is going through a terrible divorce. We shared some words of comfort with her and she cried a little and talked to us about how it was hard to try to be strong for her son.  We bore testimony of the Savior and related her situation to Job.  She cried more when I said Job because that was her father’s story. He died a few years ago.  She needs the gospel so bad it hurts and she knows it.  She is trying to go back to church but to Catholic Church.  So hopefully we can be the guides in the right direction.  Then on Sunday we went by another lady’s house that started coming to church a couple weeks ago.  She is really interested in learning more about the Church.  We knocked on the door and she gave us water.  I felt prompted to say Elder Mauclair is French. Her eyes lit up a little and she started speaking French to Elder Mauclair.  It turns out she is from Haiti and that is super cool too!  

     Also, thanks for the package and the tie.  Elder LeGrand is jealous (we have style competitions and right now and I think I’m winning).  I wore it to the baptism of a man I was teaching in my last area.  He is super cool.  It is awesome to see people change.  

     Also, were you making fun of me with the superman card?  Because if you were it was pretty funny.