Sunday, July 26, 2015

Little Miracles from July 20th, 2015

From Mom,

Dear Elder Bailey,

This week was busy for me preparing and singing the Pioneer Day concerts with the choir.  The problem was that I got the virus that was being passed around on tour, and really didn't have much voice to contribute.  But I stood up there and pretended to sing along anyway.  It was my last Pioneer Day Concert.  I was not going to miss it!

Ellis nearing the summit of Lone Peak
But dad did something interesting.  He and three guys from his work and your uncle Bob hiked up Lone Peak between American Fork Canyon and the Salt Lake Valley.  It is a very grueling hike because most of it is bouldering.  They literally had to crawl up and over big rocks for most of the ascent.  They traveled about 14 miles up and back down and it took them most of the day.  Here is a view of Dad on the southern face of the mountain looking out over the Highland/Alpine/American Fork area and off to a view of Utah Lake.  See all of the boulders.  He said that getting to the top was crawling up and over big boulders like those.  All granite.  They did get all the way to the top.  But he was really tired.

Later today we are going to meet Katelyn and Brendan and the kids to go miniature golfing, have supper and then go out to see the lot that they are purchasing out in Eagle Mountain.  Maybe they will start building their new house by the time you come home next summer.  I am not sure what their time frame really is.

Miniature Golfing with Ethan and Family

Michael's truck

Saturday was the deadline Bonnie set for moving the old piano out of the back room at 781 to Matthew's house.  I looked into getting actual piano movers to come.  But Matthew called Michael and before I new it, the two of them went over to get the piano.  Michael bought himself a truck last week and they decided that it could easily move a piano.  They expected Chase and Dad to help them, but neither of them were home at the time.  So, I went over to hold open doors and clip shrubbery and Grandpa Tom gave them tips for how he had moved pianos in the past.  It all worked out okay.  Those guys were sure determined.  Now Chase will be able to move his bed into the back room and fix it up to be his own space.  He plans to live there with Grandpa and Bonnie while attending BYU.  He thinks it will distance him enough from his home on Maple Lane.  I am sure he will be a great help and blessing for Grandpa Tom.

Hope you had a wonderful week,

Love you, Mom

From Elder Bailey,

It is so weird to think that Chase is home from his mission!  Tell him to email me if he can. 

My last zone liked to hike the San Tan mountains, but I always forgot my camera (well I lost my charger and didn't find a new one until I got transferred) so no pictures of those hikes. 

Tell Michael congrats on the new truck. 

This week was slow again but I had a couple miracles personally this week.  We faced a lot of opposition to get out and work -- like going to a mission choir practice and my comp forgot the phone at the church and took 3 hour to find a ride and retrieve it and we had Zone Conference.   We took a recent convert family to go do baptisms for the dead, though.  I think the baptistry in the Gilbert Temple is the best I have ever seen.  And while in the Temple I saw my favorite family from Cooley Station Ward.  And at the In and Out afterwards, I saw a more members from the Gateway and Maplewood Wards.  I loved that area so much, so it was a blessing to see them.  

Pictures from Elder Bailey

Sunset in Gilbert AZ

Favorite Family from Cooley Station Ward

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