Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bike Long and Prosper in Gilbert Arizona, Elder Bailey!

          Elder Mitchell Alan Bailey was called to the Gilbert Arizona Mission and was to report to the MTC on July 9th, 2014.  More than thirty of his family members came to hear his farewell talk in Sacrament Meeting on June 29th.  He gave a wonderful talk on "Being My Brother's Keeper" which made his mother cry, and then we all sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go, Dear Lord."  After Church, we gathered to have refreshments and this cake.  The wish is inscribed on his cake along with the Arizona Flag: "Bike Long and Prosper, Elder Bailey!" He will certainly be biking long and hard on his mission.


          On the evening of Tuesday, July 8th, his family and friends gathered together for his setting apart with President Ostergar of the Oak Hills Stake.  His brothers and several friends stood in the circle along with his father, grandfather Tom Lee and uncle David Acheson.  Aunt Bonnie and sister Cami and I drove him to the MTC at 12:30 pm Wednesday.  It was such a long drive --all 2 1/2 blocks -- but they would not let him walk, even if he wanted to.  We said our goodbyes very quickly, took a couple of last photos and off he went in the able hands of his hosts.  Bonnie and Barby and I all took turns sending packages of treats, mostly cookies, up to him in the MTC.  When we finally got his email on P-day more than a week later, he said PLEASE DON'T SEND ANY MORE COOKIES!  He had more than enough and was just giving them away.  That was the whole point -- he was supposed to share the LOVE!

         And now he is off to Gilbert AZ.  He called me from the airport to reassure me that he had packed everything well and was doing fine.  He also said that he was excited and happy to finally go to his field of labor.  Goodbye, Elder Mitchell Bailey!  Bike long and Prosper!

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