Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A New Handle "E.B. III" (Elder Bailey, the Third)

Dear Elder Bailey,
           Getting that text with a photo from Sister Shaha yesterday was wonderful!  I was so happy to get to see you and your companions.  I am assuming that one was Elder Ramon and maybe the other was the Zone Leader. Please let us know.  It was so great to hear about the baptism last weekend.  But you'd better be careful about using your finely honed safecracking skills!
          There has been a definite change in the season here.  We actually have fall colors up on the mountains.  This was taken from the BYU campus by a friend of mine.  I don't even remember when we had such color on our mountains before.  It has been an unusually wet Autumn.  I even watched the total eclipse of the moon the other early morning.  It was neat.  Made me feel like a meteorologist again.  Ha  Ha!

          Little Benny Orme was baptized yesterday.  Ben and Becky and Stephanie have been here for the weekend.  It has been fun seeing them.  Next Saturday is Margaret's wedding.  We were going to go up to Tacoma, WA for the wedding and also to see Carolyn's family, but Katelyn's baby is due this weekend, too.  She would be very upset if we were not here for the birth of little Iris.  So, we are hanging around here waiting for the big arrival.

          Dad is making progress on the pizza oven.  He is building the chimney stack and cementing the rocks on it so that it will look like the other rock in the outdoor kitchen.  He is rather proud of himself, I think.

                                            Hope to hear more wonderful things from you! 

                                                                                                  Love you so much,  Mom

          So happy to hear about Benny and Margaret and Iris and KK.  Nothing is really happening right now, we are just doing a bunch of reactivation work right now and it's been really slow.


          It was nice to hear that you had a good week last week.  We would love to hear more from you and know of your experiences with investigators, members and the Gilbert environment you are discovering.  If you have challenges and would like to share them and invite us to share with you our insights, just ask.

          It was particularly nice to have received this past week, a picture sent to us by someone you visited.  The picture shows you, and someone who we assume to be your companion and a third Elder who could possibly be a district or zone leader.  I hope you are collecting pictures along with great memories of your mission.  Please consider that what your share in your emails are being assembled by your Mom in a BLOG scrapbook of your Mission.  This can be a tangible Mission memory you will appreciate after your Mission, so consider what you would like to retain and make sure you pass it onto her. 

                                                                                     Looking forward to your next email,


           Elder Ramon is the brown guy and Elder Kay is what we call a traveling AP.  This week was slow and we are doing a bunch of less active work.  Also I have no more emergency money on my personal card.  I have had too many emergency expenses and I tried to buy a new tire today and there was not enough money on my debit card.  Nothing really to report other than that.


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