Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Tie Bag

    October 20th, 2014

         We have spent all week trying to say goodbye to people in our old ward and meet members in our new ward.  Some members helped me and another elder buy a "tie bag" which is just a lot of ties.  We only ordered 60 ties but when it came 105 ties came (which is a lot -- seriously a lot -- and it weighed a ton!)  It was super fun when we went home.  I was so tired from the day, and biking with it just killed me.  So I dumped it out and took a nap in it... and dreamed of baptisms... haha just kidding but I was SO TIRED! 

         We are not teaching anybody for real right now.  We lost one of our wards and got another.  So, we are trying to teach a 17yr old German exchange student girl who is interested in learning about the Church but doesn't believe in God and all around doesn't want to believe.  We met her last night for the first time.  We are going to pick up where the other elders left off. 

         Here is a silly picture we took with a family we said good-bye to.

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