Monday, January 5, 2015

Sharing "He Is the Gift"

December 29, 2014

From Elder Bailey:

                  It was cool, right after the Skype call, Brother Young gave me a football.  And I really wanted a football!

                  This week was really slow.  I went on exchanges with Elder Falkenberry from South Carolina.  He is brand new and being trained by my last companion.   (He was having a hard time, but I got to show him around his area.) During the Christmas season, we were promised that if we devoted our time to sharing “He Is the Gift” we would double our teaching pool.  We worked very hard.  He will be a really awesome missionary.  

                  We contacted 2 out of 3 referrals and got return appointments with 3 people and that’s really all that happened this week.  We are almost over on miles and it really stinks that we will have to ride our bikes.  Our area is too big for just riding bikes and we don’t have enough time.  At dinner yesterday a 5 year old thought that it would be funny to put a bow on my head, stand on my shoulders, pull on my ears really hard, and yell “ELF!!!!!!!!”  I was about ready to see how far I could punt a kid, but all is good.

January 5th, 2015

From Elder Bailey:

                  My early morning work-outs with Elder LeGrande are very chilly in anywhere between 27 and 35 degrees.  It’s really fun this week.  Not!  I dislocated my left pinkie on New Years Eve.  I got to set the bone myself and that was cool.   It is still pretty swollen but my mission president is a physical therapist and said I should be fine in a few weeks.  

                  We put Donna and Roger on date for baptism on the 24th of January.  I have been working with them on and off for 4 1/2 months, so that’s awesome!  We taught a really awesome lesson and resolved a few concerns of theirs.  Then we prayed together.  Roger prayed for a sign and I think Donna did too.  After we left, they were listening to music and a song came on called "There Must Be Something in the Water" which is about Baptism.  So, the next time we saw them they said,  “I think we are ready.”  That is soooo awesome!  

                  We have a bunch of new investigators and referrals, so we are trying to stay busy.  Transfer calls happen today, but they have not come yet, so we are tense right now.

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