Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Grand Announcement - Ta-da-da-dah!

  From Elder Bailey,      

           We have been working really hard this week and everything has been going well.  Weeks are so long and by the end I feel like the stuff that happened on Monday was forever ago.  We had 19 teaching opportunities this past week and in Gilbert that is hard.  The average up here is like 8 or 9 in a week and we had 19!  If you go down to Florence, 19 is about average because they teach a lot to all the people that get out of prison that live down there.  More people are willing to hear the message there, but in Gilbert that is unheard of.  Usually we try for 15-ish, but we have been doing pretty good.

          There was this guy we tracted into named Charles who is a black Southern Baptist guy that when we were talking to him, sounded really nice.  He wanted us to come back and talk with him, so we went back on Thursday on splits.  I went with a recent convert, Brother Hovland and taught Charles the First Discussion.  It turns out he is a “golden” investigator.  He had already read the Book of Mormon (because people told him not too).  He matched it up with the Bible and knew it was true. He knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and when asked if he wanted to be baptized, said “yes.”  But he moved yesterday!  However, the good news is that he gave us his new address.  So, we will refer him to those missionaries. At least the address is still in the mission -- which is rare!

          It was kind of scary yesterday.  Donna and Roger were in an interview with Bishop because they are having financial issues.  When they came out, they sat down and were talking with us. Donna suddenly got sick or something.  Her back started hurting and she felt as though she would throw up.  We got her out to their car.  She was saying it was probably from all the stress and anxiety of their financial crisis.   It was really scary and Roger wanted to take her to the hospital.  She texted us later that evening saying that she was feeling better.  That was good to hear

          Transfers were good.  Elder Ramon is gone and we welcomed Elder Kapua of New Zealand.  He has been out 4 1/2 months and is doing the "2nd half " training of Elder Falkenberry.  

And, now, for the grand announcement dadadadadadadadadadadadadada (drum roll) -- Elder Legrand is our new District Leader!  Every single one of my companions has been a foreigner who has done one transfer with me and in the next transfer has gotten a district leader call.  We heard from the Assistants via the Zone Leaders that I was supposed to get transferred and go senior companion in a different zone and Elder Legrand was supposed to train the new French elder from Lyon (who met my cousin Race Acheson in the MTC) but we were too effective working together.  They decided to keep us together for another transfer.  Then I think I’m gone in the next transfer.  But that’s ok. 

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