Monday, February 23, 2015

Transfer Calls Were Today

February 15, 2015

From Elder Bailey,

          Transfer calls were today and Elder LeGrand is gone, which means I will be in this area for 7 1/2 months.  I like it, but I need, need, need to see something different!  I’m so tired of this area even though it’s a great area. 

          So, there was a 16 year old boy in one of our wards who died last Sunday night.  The funeral was Saturday.  We got a couple new investigators from it.  So what happened was that while we were out tracting on Tuesday, we knocked on this door and this lady opened the door.  We started our whole spiel at the door and she said that we had already met at a ward Christmas party.  (We just didn’t remember.)  She said her son was a friend of the boy who died and was taking it really hard.  She invited us back.  They were also good friends with one family in the ward in particular.  She had even invited them (the Beckers) to the lesson.  When we showed up, we saw them walking in, too.   That was a pleasant surprise.  She had not even told us they were invited.  And so we go in and teach the Plan of Salvation.  We were trying our best but we were not really together, but the Spirit was there.  Bro. Becker talked a lot of the time and helped with the friend part and everything we taught the mom (Jo) was like "yeah, yeah that makes sense."  That was cool, but it ran a little long and we had to end a little early.  We ran to the next lesson.  Her son even came to church the next Sunday, but she couldn’t make it.  

          In that next lesson we met with this borderline less active girl whose testimony is up and down.  She has been doing solid for a while now and we had her teach us.  She taught us what she taught her primary class about baptism and gave us expensive ties she bought for us.  Mine is a light blue skinny tie and the brand is "Penguin."  That’s a high up brand.  That was very generous of her and it looks sweet.

         Here are some pictures of us golfing on P-Day.

This week has been interesting. 

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