Thursday, March 26, 2015

"The Best Two Years" Movie

From March 16, 2015

Dear Elder Bailey,

          Dad and I watched the "Best Two Years" yesterday.  It was playing on BYUTV and we caught most of it.  I hope the home life of you missionaries is not as portrayed in the movie.  Dad says that most of the story line was over-done and over-acted for the sake of dramatic flow and to create comedy.  There was one part that was touching, though.  That part was when Elder Rogers bore his testimony in giving the lesson to the new investigator.  I am holding out hope that you always bear a fervent testimony of the Savior and His mission whenever you are teaching.  I hope you have a clear vision of why you went on your mission.  I hope you and your companions plan and work and count your success by how many times you can bear testimony and not by the other numbers.

We love you and know that you are constantly in our prayers,

Love, Mom

--From Elder Bailey:

          Well, I know that Joseph Smith was a pamphlet.  The Best 2 Years is very accurate.   The mission is dramatic, but much funnier in real life.   I’m not kidding. But this week was really productive.  We were working hard all week and taught 23 lessons.  That was cool.  We had to go to a wedding reception on the 14th to give a progress record to a ward mission leader.   

            Yeah, this week was good and congrats that all your available children have been married off and now I am a burden to society until I get hitched

                      Photos of Elder Mitchell Bailey on a very small mini-bike:

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