Monday, May 18, 2015

Lots of Rain

Dear Elder Bailey,

I got a photo of you from Sis. Zollinger last week.  She titled it "Transfers."  Did you get transferred last week?  Or was this an old photo?  You were standing with an Elder Carpenter.  Just wondering if that was your new companion.

We have had such a dry winter with hardly any snow.  And now in May, we are having some torrential rains.  I hope we are making up the rain deficits.  How about you?  Have you been getting rain in your area?

Last week felt like I was holed up in a dungeon.  Just the rain, and me at my computer struggling to learn how to use the video editing program.  I was going through footage from three different tapings of the show at the Provost Elementary School.  Finally after days and days of trial and error, I succeeded in editing a usable product.  My goal was to get them copied to take to school today.  Somehow, I made my goal.  Seems like I cannot reproduce the steps I used before to copy some more, though.  Oh well, at least I have 25 made and delivered.  Now to go back and try to learn the steps all over again.

Hope your week was good.  I so enjoyed hearing about your miracles last week.  It made me want to pay more close attention to recognizing the hand of the Lord in my day to day activities.  Getting that editing accomplished was one of those, certainly.  Now that the first wave is done, I realize that I must have had some divine intervention.

Have a great week,

Love, Mom

Elder Mitchell Bailey and Elder Carpenter at the May 2015 transfers meeting

From Elder Bailey:

There was a lot of rain this week and no I did not get transferred and Elder Carpenter is not my companion. He just happened to be standing near by when we took the picture. This week has been strange work wise but no stories. Riding my bike in the rain was fun. 

All of my previous companions are now zone leaders, even my MTC companion, so that's cool.

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