Saturday, May 2, 2015

What Elder Bailey Does Not Tell Us About

Gilbert Arizona Mission Choir performing at the "Because He Lives" Concert April 30th, 2015
       This photo was on a mission blog announcing the concert by the Mission Choir for the missionaries' efforts to promote the Church media presentation of "Because He Lives."  Don't know if our Elder Bailey was singing, but he should have been!

From Elder Bailey:

     This week has been long and hard.  We were teaching a lot this week but nobody we have been teaching has been progressing.  And that stinks.

     We learned that the number of missionaries in our mission will drop significantly in the next few transfers.  When I came in, we had 210 missionaries.  Now we have 150 and in August we will have 95.  Then it will probably go back up to around 150-ish, but the next 7 1/2 months will be super hard.  Most of our mission leadership will be going home in the next transfer or two.  Then it will be a whole new mission.  We are going to cover 4 to 6 wards each companionship, and that will be super hard.

Elder Mitchell Bailey (right) and companions. Photo sent by an anonymous text-er.

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