Monday, September 8, 2014

First Transfer in the Field

Transfers went very well.  My new companion is Elder Ramon from the island Pohnpei.  He is so cool and is very wise and humble.  He wants to be in the US Navy and be a fisherman.  He is an awesome teacher and has been teaching me well.  I want to be like Elder Ramon because he is humble and has solemn dignity. 

I got transferred up to Gilbert.  We are in the temple view zone and we are really close to the temple.  When we got out on our bikes we rode around meeting people in the wards we are serving in, the first house we got to they told us that the younger brother’s girlfriend wanted to take the lessons right then.  So we rode over to the dad’s house and we met Rosie and talked to her.  Then we taught her the first lesson.  She and her boyfriend (a less active member and younger brother of a member of the ward bishopric) have been reading the Book of Mormon and she likes it.  We "soft committed" her to baptism and got her to pray about the Book of Mormon.  It was super awesome.

One Year Anniversary of the Arizona Gilbert Mission.  Elder Bailey is in there somewhere.

In this mission we have a missionary from Albania and we have another from Perpyon, France (I probably spelled it wrong).
It is monsoon season, so it’s raining crazy hard right now.

I also found a camera that works and is kind of fun to play around with.  I took a bunch of pictures with it that I want to share but I can’t because it has no SD card. I can’t figure out how to get the pictures off the camera.  I found the camera while cleaning out an old missionary apartment and it seems like the previous owners of the camera had gone home because nobody knew who they were so I took it.  It’s mine now.  Oh, and no pictures this week.

Elder B.
My first area was a walking district.  Sandstorms, monsoon rains, 108 degrees

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