Monday, August 18, 2014

The Weather Goes Like This...

From Mom,

Dear Elder Bailey,                                                                               

          We shared the air in your area last Wednesday, the rainy day in Phoenix.  I was fully expecting 108 degrees when we landed at the airport, but it was a beautiful 79 degrees at about noon.  Thought of you and waved towards your direction.  Hope it turned out to be a pleasant day for you.  I had never been in Arizona when it had rained, so this was a definite first.  (Of course, I never really left the airport during my 2 hour layover.)  My friend says that Arizona actually gets more rain than Utah does.  Hard to believe.

          By the way, you are an uncle AGAIN.  Leonardo Bailey was born yesterday, and today is his dad Matthew's birthday.  Seems to be a Bailey family phenomenon to share birthdays that way.

          Our missionary sent an awesome picture of the Gilbert Temple this week.  He has not said if he has had a chance to attend, yet.

From Elder Bailey

         I don't have that much time to talk, but the weather goes like this: sunny 104-ish then windy, then cloudy, then a dust storm (can’t see a thing), then HEAVY rain and then the next day is humid.  It’s great!  I love it!  And our ward is awesome!

         It’s not against mission rules to have a knife with just a blade.  I'm buying one today at Walmart.  I actually took the multi tool from the blue van and it is the most rusty knife I have ever used.  The mission president knows about it and has seen Elder Steers's knife that is just a blade and is about 3 inches.  

         I caught a lizard in our house and we named it "K. Brett Lizard".  

         Thanks for the pants, by the way, I forgot to say that in the last email.  I think I want all the rest of my ties for trading purposes.  The same 11 ties get boring after a while and I don't want to trade the ones I have.  

         What I meant when I said they took my advice the wrong way was they thought we were receiving revelation for them and could solve their job problems.  I just told them not to expect blessings from the Lord unless they do some sacrificing.  He knows best and sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.  But whatever, people hear what they want to hear sometimes.  We have some awesome investigators but none want to come to church or pray to know it is true for one reason or another.    

         Oh, and I met an Elder Fa'amuli (or something like that) from Rockville, Maryland.  He’s cool.  I gotta go.  Not enough time today

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