Thursday, September 17, 2015

What I Really Want for My Birthday

September 14th, 2015

From Elder Bailey:

Here are the specs for what I’d like:

Metal white pedals. Trek 3700 bike. Pedals come in 2 sizes so if you got the wrong one then I could get the adaptor.  I really like these pedals made by Specialized but they were like $80 and I am not willing to spend that much, that's why I wanted Matt to pick them out because he knows more than me.  But what I am looking for is something sturdy, metal, and can grip my shoe in the rain, and preferably thinner and looks like a normal pedal. Nothing with screwed on pieces, as well.

FHE with Bishop Marble's Family

Sister Marble says:

"Look who is our new missionary!  
Elder Ralph and Elder Bailey 
are the coolest.

Love, the Marble Family
At Sister Janice Law's house eating while she makes clothing alterations.

Got a text message from Sister Janice Law who says: "Elder Bailey got a new companion yesterday, Elder Ralph from Lehi, Utah.  We love having Elder Bailey in our area!  Your son is training Elder Ralph.  I have been altering a bunch of Elder Bailey's clothes, so I've gotten to know him well!  He is very hard-working and obedient!  He thinks about the challenges and then gives me ideas for how we can fix them.  He's so cute because he's interested in how I stitch everything.  He makes the clothes fit better...That's great!"

Thanks for sharing him. 
Sincerely, Janice Law

This week was long and tiring.  But we had a couple miracles this week.  The most profound of all was going to the house of a less active guy and he pulled up in his Hummer behind us and invited us in.  We had not met with him in 9 weeks (that was our fault) but he told us that he was praying that we would come.  He said that we really needed to help his girlfriend he is living with to change because she is going through some hard stuff and she needs the gospel.  So that was cool.

Did you know that Chase is working at the MTC? His job is to translate instructional materials into Albanian. Pretty cool, huh? 
Here is a picture of Chase with a girl from Albania.  I think she was a house guest for 
a couple of weeks with Barbara and David 
until her apartment at BYU was ready for 
the Fall semester.
Chase labeled the picture on Facebook as 
"Two future American and Albanian Diplomats working to make American/Albanian relations better." So typical of Chase.

Tell Chase I said hi and that Elder Zeqiri of Albania says "Hi" too.  And Elder Z said he knows the Albanian girl in the picture.  Make him email me or give me his email!

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