Friday, November 6, 2015

Fun Family Dinner

October 18th, 2015

Dear Elder Bailey,

Today we celebrated Iris Cochrane's 1st Birthday.  We invited everyone to come to our house for baby back ribs and pot luck.  Kathleen decorated a special area with pink and white and gold decorations --- a little over the top but very fun for the little birthday girl.  We also celebrated Greg's and Emilie's birthdays, but they did not mind being little pink princesses complete with sparkly pink tiaras.  It was fun.

Our little one year olds are getting so big now.  Most of them can walk now, except for Iris and Zak.  But they are getting close.

Yesterday, Katelyn arranged for a photographer friend of hers to take some family pictures.  Dad and I, and Matt and Ruth were set to join Katelyn's family for the photo shoot, but it started raining as we were headed to the outdoor appointment.  The photographer called and cancelled.  That left us all dressed up with nowhere to go. So we decided to all go out for dinner.  We went into the restaurant looking quite good.  But the little kids came out of the restaurant wearing their food.  We will try again for the photo shoot next Saturday.

Both BYU and the U of U won their games this weekend.  Hard fought games.  Bronson Kafusi was a big play maker in the BYU game.  I think he sacked the Quarterback 5 times or something unreal like that.  Dad said that Britton Covey is quite the play maker as well for the Utes. 

I am so glad that you got to attend that girl's first time through the Temple with Elder LeGrand.  So wonderful to be reunited with wonderful friends.  We would love to be able to meet him.  We will be gone at Christmas for about 6 days visiting Carolyn's family Dec. 23-28th.  Would that still give us an opportunity to visit Elder LeGrand? Came and Greg will be out visiting Kathryn's family in Pennsylvania. Don't know if anyone else would be available to go to Toelle to meet him.  But we would like to make the effort.

Have a wonderful week.

Love, Mom

---From Elder Bailey:

I ripped my pants real bad at the Marble’s house last night.  It was very funny.  This week was good.  We are going to start teaching an over aged youth that is almost 9 and we will start teaching her hopefully tonight.  The over aged youth girl’s name is Caylynn and she came to Church with her grandma yesterday which was awesome.  Elder Legrand will land in Utah on the 30th of December, so I think you will be able to meet him.  Transfers are next week, so that was fast.  My trainer goes home on Tuesday.  I am very sad about that.

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