Friday, November 6, 2015

October 2015 General Conference

October 5th, 2015

Dear Elder Bailey,

We hope you were able to enjoy General Conference this weekend.  Although we will miss the former Apostles, the newly sustained Apostles are wonderful, too.  I got to know Elder Rasband while on tour this summer.  He had been a missionary and later a Mission President in the New York, New York North area.  I got to ride on a bus with him giving us a tour guide of places in his mission.  He has some great stories that I think I may have shared with you already.  He is a powerful witness of the Savior and His gospel.  I am looking forward to getting to know the others, as well.

Just learned this about Elder Renlund, too.  He was once a Bishop in the Baltimore Stake in the 1980's.  This page is from the The History of Baltimore Stake:

Someone posted this beautiful picture of the progress on the Provo City Center Temple on Facebook.  I thought you might enjoy it.  Such a beautiful building and captured at a beautiful sunset.

President Allan Ostergar will be the new Temple President.  So, our newly called Stake President is Jim Blair, former Bishop of the 1st Ward.  He will be the one you'll report back to when you come home.

Last week was such a blur for me.  We spent time every day, but Wednesday, in Salt Lake City rehearsing music for Conference or performing at the Funeral of Elder Scott.  That was a lot of music to learn and memorize.  I don't really remember anything else that happened last week except teaching my drama classes at the elementary school.  It was a very focused week.

We are all well here.  Carolyn and Jake are successfully 
Hurricane brought shark to inland road during storm.

moved into their new house.  BYU won their home game on Friday night.  Little Isabelle lost her first tooth because of a bump into Emilie's knee.  Now she has a cute window in her smile.  Michael and Stacie got their sewer troubles fixed.  The Rock family's little Thomas is finally a walker!  (He was just holding' out on us!)  The leaves are beginning to change to Autumn colors, but not very quickly.  Your Uncle Bill in Charleston, SC is dealing with massive flooding that brought sharks to a road near their house and an alligator to their back yard.  They are safe, but wet.  Aren't hurricanes fun?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Mom

----From Elder Bailey:

This week has been good.  We found several over aged youth that said they want to be baptized, but either the parents want to baptize them and are not active or they have no parental support to make it to church enough to get baptized.  So that's where the Ward gets involved.  What we need to do is get people getting them to church, that's the easy part.  The hard part is getting appointments set and keeping them to it.  Setting up lessons is hard.  Nobody wants to have a specific return appointment, which makes our job go no where.

General Conference was really good.  Elder Anderson’s talk was about one of my friends that I played football with at Timpview.  He is on his mission in the Marshal Islands.  I thought that was cool and a touching story.

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