Friday, November 6, 2015

Ripped Pants

October 26th, 2015

Dear Elder Bailey,

So sorry to hear about your ripped pants.  Someday, I would like to hear the colorful story that goes along with that situation.  In the mean time, did you get them repaired or do they need to be replaced?  Do I need to send some more pants?

We will be back from seeing Carolyn at Christmas break in plenty of time to plan to meet Elder LeGrand.  I hope you will tell him that we would like to make arrangements to come to meet him.  You can give him my cell phone number to call me.  

Hope you got to start teaching Caylynn.  I also hope the ward and her Grandparents come through to help get her and the others to Church.

We went with Katelyn and Matthew's families to get some family pictures taken on Saturday.  We had rescheduled from last Saturday when it was raining buckets.  The only time we had was early in the morning.  We have been so accustomed to warm summer like temperatures, it was a rude awakening, literally, to go up American Fork Canyon at daybreak in chilly 39 degree weather.  The children's noses were red and their lips were blue.  While the light was beautiful, I think we got some nice pics.  It finally warmed up when the sun came over the mountain, but that made harsher light.  We won't know how they pictures turned out until the proofs come back in three weeks.  We will probably send you some for Christmas.

We came home over the Alpine Loop.  Most of the fall color is gone.  There was a little bit of snow at the top of Timpanogos.  But I thought the white bark of the Aspen Trees was very interesting in the morning light.

Beautiful Aspen Trees
Alpine Loop view of top of Timpanogos

Dad has been busy creating a new backboard
for the basketball hoop in the backyard.  
He got a new sprayer that has a very controlled, 
fine spray with not a lot of over spray.  Soon he 
will be ready to mount it in the refurbished post.

Please tell us how the Transfers went.  We would love to know where you are and what you are doing.  Do you have a new companion?  Are you a Trainer again?  Are you in a new area?

Well, life is very busy for us.  Dad has a lot of projects and work going on constantly.  He still tries to go running and swimming and sometimes hiking with Uncle Bob.  I have my little plays and classes at Provost school to keep me occupied.  "Mary Poppins" is also taking up our time helping Grace and Barbara with vocal coaching, costume sewing, and prop creating. Three weeks to go.  Whew!

Well, I hope you have a pleasant week.  Let me know if I need to send you new pants.  

Love you,  Mom

From Elder Bailey:

I’m getting transferred, but I’m leaving the area on a high note.  Yesterday was full of miracles.  We has Liz and Aldo come to church.  Liz had never come to church before and Aldo is a less active.  Then Joe Brown came to church as well.  His parents are inactive and divorced.  His returned missionary brother drove him down from Scottsdale.  He came to the other ward we cover (it was the wrong ward but he came).  And then Ashley Flynn got permission to be baptized before age 18.  She will be baptized in December.  She is praying for a date.  We taught the Cannon family.  He’s a member, but she is not and wants to know if it is true for herself.  She comes to church every Sunday and we invited her to be baptized on the 28th of November.  She said she would pray about it.  Today we will invite Caylynn to be baptized on Dec 12th.  They will try and put Joe Brown on date on Wednesday, but I wont be here for that. And also, another Ashley that Elder Legrand and I reactivated is leaving on her mission on Wednesday to Macon, Georgia.

I don't need new pants.  Sis. Law sewed them up stat.  And the Marbles’ are moving to Riverton, Utah in December.  So you can meet a family from my mission.

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