Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Getting VERY TAN

          Well, I am delighted to report that Elder Bailey replied in many more words this week, complete sentences and even multiple paragraphs!  Hurray!  We have a lot more information this week because he sent a handwritten letter (including his physical address), an email to his father and his mother, and even one to Aunt Barbara Acheson!  This is great!

The following are excerpts from those sources:

"I was tricked into doing a bunch of paperwork (that never needed to be done) and that's why my last email was so short.  It was pretty funny, in hindsight.

Elder Jackson, my trainer, is from Raymond, Alberta, Canada.  He reminds me of Jake, a lot.  He has been out 9 months and has spent 6 months in our area. We are not in a member's home.  We are 4 missionaries to our 3 bedroom, 2 bath, comfortable house.  I am the youngest in the house.  The ages are 26, 21 & almost 20.  Elder Montouto is from Uruguay.  He is 26 and is a month older than Matt.  He came out with me.  I was the travel leader.  His companion is Elder Duval from Alaska.  
Looking forward to my mission

We have a crazy small area.  We have half a neighborhood which means it's about half a square mile - about twice the size of our ward in Provo.  We are doing a lot of less active member work, and have a couple of investigators, and a couple of referrals that we haven't gotten to meet with yet.  The people we are teaching are just plain "lazy" and "forget" to come to Church and our investigators don't pray or read so they aren't getting anything out of our lessons and so we can't move on.

A couple of less actives have started coming to church again and it is so awesome.  Our main investigator isn't praying or reading so he isn't getting anything out of our meetings with him.  It's so sad because we have gotten through the first 2 discussions with him and we can't move on to the commandments.  He really won't believe us if we do, and he is just not praying to know.  It's sad.  

I like everybody and I haven't met anyone I didn't like.  I'm getting VERY TAN.  I got tired of putting on sun screen after day 3 and so I'm very tan now, not burnt, not even close to burnt, but very tan. 

I also need you to send me some light grey or blue pants.  There is nothing wrong with my black pants. It's just too hot to wear them.

To Aunt Barby

"It's been good here and stuff.  Chase and I have been writing each other and it has been fun."

                                                                  ---Elder Bailey

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