Friday, August 1, 2014

The Most Succinct Email Ever!

"We have our own house, area very small, and we have investigators. Elder Jackson is comp. It is very hot."

So typical of Mitch -- this is more like a quick text than an email message.  I wonder if he is just testing my patience.  His older brother Michael sent letters from his mission in Brazil in long hand that were rather short, but they were still measured in paragraphs.  Next older brother Matthew sent short emails (measured in sentences, at least) from his mission in Ogden (Spanish Speaking - it was a foreign mission, we lived in Maryland at the time), but packed with information.  Mitchell on the other hand, gets the prize for the shortest email -- twenty words in total.  Oh, I do hope he finds more to say or this will be a very cryptic blog!  I bet he's getting a laugh out of my reaction, though.  He promised that his emails would be super short.  He's proved it!

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