Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Uncle, Again

October 28th, 2014

Dear Elder Bailey,
          You are an uncle again!  Little Iris Kate Cochrane was born right on schedule last Monday, October 20th.  She is a cute package at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long.  I think she has Katelyn's nose and Brendan's eyes.  But she will grow up to have her own look, I am sure.
           She has so many outfits in the newborn size, Katelyn will need to change her clothes every hour on the hour to allow her enough time to wear them all before she grows too big!  She will be a "designer" baby, for sure!

          Dad has been constructing the chimney for the pizza oven.  He did some welding on the weekend of the metal parts that needed to be secured above the covered patio roof.  Now he is planning out how to do all of the rock work.  He wanted to have a focal point in the face of all the rocks.  He thought maybe a fossil would look cool.  So he went to a dinosaur fossil collector guy and bought a small 50,000 year old fish fossil in a limestone chalk block. This was quarried from the Green River area of Wyoming.  It looks interesting and is the right size for the project.  Besides, it only cost Dad $20 instead of one of the larger specimens that would have cost $2500 or more.

          We head out to Pennsylvania this weekend to go to Tanner's baptism, Thomas' baby blessing and Tanner and Adam's birthday celebrations.  We will also get to see Melanie and Madelyn's soccer games on Saturday.  Every time we go out to visit, there is no down time!

          We love getting picture texts from the families you eat dinner with.  Keep 'em coming!  It makes my day!

          Hope you are well and that the work is progressing.           Love you,  Mom

Elder Bailey,

            It was good to hear from you last week.  By the pictures you are looking healthy and happy.  I assume the people in the pictures you sent were ward members that you were saying goodbye to.  Were they investigators?
            Hearing you engaged in a debate with the German exchange student reminds me of my mission.  The German students seem always ready to debate anything including the Church.  I hope you can find opportunities to give away the ties you have collected.
            I attached pictures of my progress on the brick oven.  I followed up on a reference your brother Michael gave me to a fossil hunter.  I wanted an interesting stone to put into the stonework of the oven.  I ended up with a fossil in limestone of a 50 million year old fish (for only $20.!).  I will need to take a picture and send it to you.
            Love, Dad

        Not much really happened this last week.  I got a buzz cut so my hair is nice and short now.  I look a little funny, but that’s ok.  I really don’t have anything to report today but I’m glad to hear about Iris.  I will say something interesting next week.


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