Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Super Cold Now -- 65 Degrees!

November 3rd, 2014
          It is super cold now!  It’s like 65 degrees.  Honestly, it’s terrible because it was so hot and my blood got thin and 100 felt pleasant.  Now it’s cool and just terrible.  It gets dark super early here and so normally people go to bed around 8:00 pm and we go in at 9:00 pm.  So that last hour it is always hard to find something to do.  

         This week was what we call a "no work week." Monday was P-day. Tuesday we had district meeting and went to a Ward “Trunk or Treat” (talked to a lot of nonmembers).  Wednesday we had Zone Conference. Thursday we had FHA or family home activity and we watched a movie called "The Best 2 Years."   It was very funny and you need to watch it.  Friday was Halloween and we were not allowed to proselyte.  We helped a less active/part member family set up Halloween décor and it was fun.  Then at the end of the day we rode our bikes up the street to the Temple and did a session.  Saturday we did our weekly planning that we normally do on Friday and then went to the Stake Conference Saturday meetings.  And Sunday was Stake Conference. It was fun, but I wish it had been a regular week.

         Bye   ---EBIII  

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