Friday, November 21, 2014

Chain Mail Tie

Sister Bailey,

Thought you might enjoy a picture of your son.  We are helping a sister in our ward pack and move.  He says, "umm...Hi!"  He is happy and looks great. --sent from a member in Arizona

Dear Elder Bailey,

This weekend was the coldest we have had since last January!  Only 16 degrees over night.  We went to the BYU game yesterday in ski clothes with hats, gloves, scarves and blankets and still only survived through halftime.  So, I walked Emilie, Abigail and Isabelle back to Michael's car in the parking lot and we headed home for hot chocolate and popcorn.  Dad and Michael lasted through the 3rd Quarter, then walked up the hill.  They watched the ending of the game at home.  But it was worth it to see BYU win against UNLV.

Speaking of football, Dad went to Rice Eccles Field last Friday to watch Timpview play Woodscross in the first of the State playoff games.  Timpview won 41 to 6.  Apparently, Timpview had shut them down by halftime when the score was already 35 to 6.

Dad was like a little lost lamb yesterday.  It was too cold to finish the rock work and grouting and stucco on the pizza oven on Saturday, so he twiddled his thumbs all day.  We actually went shopping for a winter coat for me.  (Unsuccessful)  And then we went over to Matthew's house for Lyla's 2nd Birthday party at 1:30 pm.  It was fun, but of course, the party did not really get started until two hours after the stated start time.  Then, we left early because we were to meet Michael and the girls to go to the BYU game.

Next Sunday, Race will give his farewell talk and then the guests will come to our house for food. Later that day, Matthew wants everyone to meet at our house for Leo's baby blessing.  And by everyone, that means our family plus all of Ruth's family and their friends.  I hope people will get there at a reasonable time.  It will be another full day!

It was so great to get the picture of you and Elder LeGrand.  Tell me, is he your new companion?  Or were you just sending that photo because it was interesting that he is from the Lyon France Mission? I, of course, have shown that picture to the Acheson's.  Race wants to know where the LeGrand family lives so that he can watch for them.

Hope all is going well for you.  Shall I send you some more MoTab CD's to hand out to your investigators or members.  Would you like some of the newest Christmas CD?

Love you!  


From Elder Bailey III

They live in Perpignan in the very south of France, a 25 min drive from Spain.   I said more things in the email to dad 

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 Ellis Bailey wrote:

Timpview demolished Woods Cross (as expected).  The halftime score was 34 – 6 and the final score was 41-13.  In the first quarter, Woods Cross was able to rally and tie the game at 6 – 6.  In the second quarter, Timpview took over.  Just when it seemed that Wood Cross could slow down or shut down our offense, Britain Covey showed his ability to scramble and make some great plays out of nothing.  Woods Cross could never get their offense going in the second quarter.  We had a couple of interceptions that completely took the wind out of their sails.  In the third quarter, they set up a very determined run game and just when they looked unstoppable, our defense stopped them at our ~ten yard line and then Devin Kaufusi sacked their quarterback back on the ~25 yard line.  They went for it on the 4th down and we held them off and took over on downs.  After pushing the score up to 41 mid way into the 4th quarter, our offense brought in the 2nd string and they allowed Woods Cross to make their way into the end zone one last time.  This Friday the State Championship Game will be against Roy.  Roy has been undefeated this year and beat Corner Canyon (a split off from Alta in Draper) 39-0.  Corner Canyon had an impressive record and appeared to be anything but a pushover coming into the game.  Roy however clearly outplayed and out coached them.  This should prove to be an impressive match-up.

So, how is the cold?  You have a rain-coat, but do you need us to send you a heavier coat?  Christmas is coming up, what do you need?  Do you get enough to eat?  Do you need any extra resources (books, CDs, etc…)?

We saw the picture of your companion from Lyon, France.  Did you have a transfer?

We think of you all the time and trust you are well and healthy.

Love, Dad

From Elder Bailey III

Elder LeGrand and I were on exchanges for the day.  This week was interesting and I really can’t remember what all happened, but one fun thing is we had a service project. They were throwing away uniform sized rings so I volunteered to take them.  I was talked-into making a chainmail tie by other missionaries.  So I guess it will be the talk of the mission.  I don't think I really need anything I can think of but I want to know if the pants sent out 3 months ago have a 2-year warrantee because one pair is basically falling apart.  I just sew it back up and keep using it in my rotation.  I ate pretty good in the past 2 1/2 months.  I taught myself how to bake bread so I do that and eat sandwiches with pb&j or turkey and whatever members give me. I am trying to be more frugal with my money.  We dedicated the Phoenix Temple yesterday and that was fun.  You can tell the prophet is getting old, but he is still funny.

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